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  1. Jakene Reaves3 months ago

    sigh more Halo games.

  2. MasterEmile3 months ago

    Fuk this shit 343 fuk Halo.

  3. oscar fer3 months ago

    Good game but is very very short like halo 4!

  4. TheDarkSider3 months ago

    this….this is literally fucking Mass Effect 3 all over again, "the created will always rebel against their creators so we found a solution (the mantle)" and in this case its the reapers=the guardians starchild=Cortana and i guess we will have to "take it (earth) back"….again….FOR THE 3RD TIME (1st Halo 2/ODST and 2nd Halo 3/Truth's fleet) FUCK. 343. No joke no troll, but this right here is proof that Halo's digging itself into a grave, and this whole campaign just was "meh", there was no sense of real drama, there just was no enthusiasm like in Halo 1 and 2 where it was paced really well and added a sense of mystery and like humanity's going all in and all out in a desperate hope to win the war and only won by a small margin. In this everything just seems so normal, no sense of "HOLY SHIT THERES PROMETHEANS EVERYWHERE WE GOTTA STOP THEM" and speaking of Prometheans, WHERE THE FUCK IS DIDACT?!?!? Halo is going down a VERY cheesy and dark road now, and the dialogue between the chief and Cortana….I swear whoever wrote it and made them talk like that must be lovers of a chief and cortana fanfic. Halo's going down a dark road and into a grave.

  5. LigerBans3 months ago

    Im… saving up for Halo Wars 2.

  6. Caden Buhler3 months ago

    I hate endings like this

  7. ihatemytown3 months ago

    What a shitty ending!!!! lol

  8. John March (TheMegaOne)3 months ago

    343 are really good at the cliffhanger bits aren't they -.- F U 343!!

  9. josuejiar3 months ago

    Whoever was behind the controller… you really suck at gaming…

  10. Amir numan3 months ago

    Worst ending ever

  11. W0LF_ PR3DAT0R3 months ago

    This is some BULLSH*T !

  12. Trustworthy McLegitimate3 months ago

    You guys remember the war against the covenant… ? and then the Flood…
    Them guardians would have been so fcking useful back then…

  13. Justin Dhillion3 months ago


  14. Deathpool3 months ago

    Halo 5 campaign was bullshit. I get they're trying to pull a Halo 2 cliffhanger but the Halo 2 campaign was actually good. Amazing. A HUGE amount of locations and level designs, also equally split playing time between the two characters (unlike this game where 3/15 missions are master chief). Plus an amazing, adventurous storyline. NOTHING HAPPENS IN THIS GAME. The plot is stretched out and even then three of the 15 missions are just "go and talk to _". Plus the same three locations/planets for 75% of the game.

  15. SuperCommando483 months ago

    Halsey: Took you long enough.
    Chief: Takes off helmet Kept you waiting, huh?

  16. Taylor Steward3 months ago

    they messed up cortana

  17. Olivierbayu Putra Jaquet3 months ago

    Guys … Stop crying because Cortana is the antagonist (will she still be? ) … people don't cried when Anakin Skywalker turned to the Dark side l … I personally find that the story was really well built and that there was suspense until the end … a little short … true but let's hope Halo 6 comes soon ( Halo 2 came out right after Halo 1 )

  18. Olivierbayu Putra Jaquet3 months ago

    I feel bad for the people that created named their equivalent of Siri for android "Cortana" ..
    I don't think they new that this AI will try destroying humanity …

  19. IvoryGuru3 months ago

    You are so, bad at this game… are you twelve or something?

  20. General OFG3 months ago

    25:20 my favorite part of this whole game